MHM Chapter 21: Winter

Lingzhu had his calculations worked out, but there was still the risk of his theory being wrong since practical applications seldom went according to plan. Still, he’d done what he could he felt he’d make it work. Taking a short break, he hummed as he lined up the set of wooden animal figurines on the window sill Mie’er bought for him the other day. He stuck a colourful pinwheel in an empty medicine bottle and…

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My Hermit Master

MHM Chapter 19: The Demon Lord’s Son And The Stone-faced Cultivator

Mie’er sulked as he sat on a roof. He’d put on his best outfit and braided his silver hair, adding red silk ribbons and fine silver flowers to it. No one in the castle seemed to notice what a good job he did. His panicking tutor was running in the corridors looking for him. Today was his fifteenth birthday but no one cared enough to even give him a day off classes. His mother was…

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