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My Hermit Master Contents


It’s been seven years since the Battle of the Abyss, and all is peaceful at Mountainside Town after the infamous villain, Lord Divine Retribution, was vanquished.

Xie Li, a socially-awkward waiter at an inn meets Di Mie, the mysterious silver-haired Fallen Leaves Valley Lord, who topped the popularity charts five times in a row…

Di Mie invites Xie Li to travel with him to investigate an incident in the prosperous southern city. Disguised as cultivator disciples, the powerful Valley Lord Di Mie playfully decides to call Xie Li his ‘Shizun’!?


Prologue + Chapter 1: A Night At The Inn
Chapter 2: This Waiter Is So Awkward
Chapter 3: It’s So Easy Even A Waiter Can Do It
Chapter 4: Road Trip!
Chapter 5: Disguise
Chapter 6: Bandits!
Chapter 7: A Long Hard Road
Chapter 8: Another Night At The Inn
Chapter 9: The Dream-Wandering Immortal
Chapter 10: Pouring Water On Someone Already Drenched
Chapter 11: Rumblings
Chapter 12: TBA

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